Soccer Youth

At Celtic Cowboys, our goal is to provide a positive and encouraging environment for young athletes to develop both on and off the field. Utilizing the ‘Celtic Cowboys Way’, we strive to create an atmosphere where your young athlete will develop fundamental ball skills, gain a deeper appreciation of teamwork, and learn the values of hard-work, respect, and camaraderie as they participate in local, competitive youth soccer leagues
The ‘Celtic Cowboys Way’ is a modified version of the famous Ajax (Dutch) System—which is based upon the concept of working with the ball in small, 5-a-side games combined with proven ‘muscle memory’ skills training and a more one-on-one approach to coach/player interactions. With a group of dedicated professional trainers and nationally-certified coaches, all of whom have mastered our methods, we plan to provide the personalized attention and proven methodology of our already established adult amateur system to your growing athlete.

Celtic Cowboys are committed to the idea that the development of the player is first and foremost and results are derived through hard-work, dedication, and learning the proper skills, as well as, cultivating the knowledge of how to effectively utilize and express those skills. By focusing on the development of skills and utilizing a consistent of method of training, rather than just fixating on results, our adult amateur program now represents the largest and most successful in Austin with 5 AMSA league titles, three State Cup Championships and numerous runners-up finishes.

This same focus on player development and consistency of method is what our coaches and trainers look to bring to our bourgeoning youth program. We have set out with a goal to keep the number of teams we have in a given age group to no more than one or two teams per gender. This set-up allows our staff to truly focus on the required technical development of each player, as opposed to coaching larger groups. In larger groups, “cookie-cutter players” are generally allowed to “slip through the cracks” and, while they are well-versed in the basics, they are completely devoid of creativity and lack the adaptability necessary to grasp the finer points of the game. What matters most is that through training the ‘Celtic Cowboys Way’, we can help your young athlete accomplish a better level of development, in addition to a more positive overall attitude and real passion for the sport.
Come join us and experience the ‘Celtic Cowboys Way’ for yourself!