Men’s Competitive Soccer

All Celtic Cowboys Competitive Teams are built on working hard and playing as a unit with skill, conditioning, attitude, attendance and commitment all key factors in team placement.

Team Style of Play/Mentality

Our competitive teams focus on playing a possession-based style with efforts put to keeping the ball on the ground, utilizing tactical acumen, and proper positioning with quick 1-2 touch passing as the main goal. The goal is to outwork the other team, both on and off the ball, putting the opposition under pressure with quick and organized pressing on defense, while, on offense utilizing precise and accurate passing in order to dictate play. Our style of play is designed to set up our teams to be in a position to take advantage of opposition mistakes with effective and direct attacking movements that lead to high-percentage goal-scoring opportunities without exposing our defense to the ravages of the counter-attack.

New Player Expectations

Players looking to join one of our competitive squads are expected to attend practices at least 3 or 4 times in order so that we can properly assess technical and tactical abilities. In addition to your skill-level, we want to get an idea about attitude, ability to adapt to the Celtic Cowboys style of play, and willingness to participate (not just at games). All Celtic Cowboys teams are built on working hard and playing as a unit and not just individual talents.

Current Men’s Competitive Teams

Premier, Division 1, and Division 2, O30 Premier, O40 Premier

Estimated weekly time commitment and player expectations

4 to 8 hours a week depending on your squad. plus regular conditioning on your own including strength training, interval and sprint training, as well as attention to proper nutrition, flexibility and post-match recovery.

Scale for Men’s Competitive Player Attributes

Legend for player attributes is as follows:
1                       2                         3                        4                         5
Very Little                       Moderate                              Very High

Player Conditioning = 4 to 5
Time Commitment/Practice Attendance = 4 to 5,
Competition for playing time = 3 to 5,
Individual Technical Ability = 3 to 5,
Player Tactical Understanding = 3 to 5,
Physicality/Intensity of play = 4 to 5