Coed Recreational Soccer

Recreational Celtic Cowboys Coed Recreational Team is built on working to improve overall fitness levels, increasing individual technical abilities and becoming more tactically astute through easy to learn team tactics. Our Coed Recreational Team is a group focused on helping individuals new to the sport or those interested in becoming better players to learn more about the game and play in a fun and friendly environment that is supportive, while at the same time remaining moderately competitive.

Team Style of Play/Mentality

Celtic Cowboys preferred method of playing a possession-based style with efforts put to keeping the ball on the ground, and focusing on circulating the ball in a swift manner, is continued through to our recreational teams. We try to help and teach our recreational players, as well as anyone relatively new to the game, how to defend and attack utilizing a team-first mentality. The best part of our recreational soccer teams is the camaraderie found in the squad as players develop new playing skills together and can be found after their game, having a drink, discussing the game just played, and watching one of the other Celtic Cowboys teams play their game.
The goal of all Celtic Cowboys teams is to out-play the other team, both on and off the ball. We understand, at the recreational level, that a number of players will have very little experience with tactics or are simply new to the sport and we are dedicated to helping all skill-levels improve their fitness, technical ability, field awareness, and understanding of the sport in a fun and positive environment.

New Player Expectations

Players looking to join one of our recreational squads are encouraged to attend one of our practices to see what the club is all about . Meeting in person and allowing us to observe your current skill-level allows us to find the right team for you and thus the correct environment to help you improve your game while having fun. All Celtic Cowboys teams are built on working hard to improve as a player, playing as a unit, and are not set up to just rely on a few individual talents. We are ready and willing to help you get started as a first-timer, help you to improve your already expanding skill-level, or find you a team that aligns with your desired ambitions.

Current Coed Recreational Coed Teams

Division 6

Estimated weekly time commitment and player expectations

2 to 4 hours a week. plus some fitness conditioning on your own is encouraged.

Scale for Coed Recreational Player Attributes

Legend for player attributes is as follows:
1                       2                         3                        4                         5
Very Little                       Moderate                              Very High

Player Conditioning = 1 to 4
Time Commitment/Practice Attendance = 2 to 4
Competition for playing time = 1 to 3
Individual Technical Ability = 1 to 4
Player Tactical Understanding = 1 to 4
Physicality/Intensity of play = 2 to 3