Soccer Program Overview

Men's (AMSA) Soccer Season Opening Weekend!

Men’s (AMSA) Soccer Season Opening Weekend!

Celtic Cowboys Soccer is FOR EVERYONE

Offering a variety of options, Celtic Cowboys Soccer offers teams ranging from extremely competitive with our Premier Men’s Team to very recreational with our D6 Coed Team.  Our goal is to find a spot for everyone and with a variety of different teams playing at a number of different levels we can help you find a home!

Celtic Cowboys Soccer is ORGANIZED

With eight men’s teams and two coed teams, we offer a variety of opportunities to play soccer at a number of different skill-levels.  Each one of our teams has the full support and guidance of the club at-large. We are dedicated to ensuring that all our teams have the right players, proper equipment, ample training opportunities, and proper support to ensure our teams are successful, at any level, both on and off the field.

Celtic Cowboys Soccer is interested in PLAYER DEVELOPMENT

As a club we are not content to simply rest on our laurels and accept that we are what we are in terms of both individual and team skill-levels.  We are seeking players who not only want to play, but also have a strong desire to improve as a player and a teammate.  Our club is dedicated to holding weekly practices throughout most of the year; even in the off-season.  Practices are structured in a way that allows players to develop new skills through technical and tactical drills as well as organized games, rather than just spending countless hours playing pick-up.  Our teams are set up in a way that allows players the opportunity to move to more competitive teams as they improve and more recreational teams as desired.

Celtic Cowboys Soccer is COMPETITIVE

Our goal as a club is to have teams that are able to be competitive in any division at any skill-level.  We work hard to ensure players are placed with a team that is commensurate with their ability, ambition, and commitment level.  We are focused on providing the support necessary to give our teams the best possibility to win their respective division and compete against the best opposition at each skill-level.

Celtic Cowboys Soccer is FUN!

We work hard to ensure the dirty work of running a team is taken care of so you can just focus on having fun playing the sport that is more than just a game; it’s a passion!  Whether your idea of fun is going out to enjoy a friendly match and cold beverage with your teammates after the game, spending time to learn sport more comprehensively in order to play at a more competitive level than you currently do, or playing at the highest level afforded to amateur soccer players, Celtic Cowboys is the place for you!


If you are interested in more information about Celtic Cowboys Soccer please contact us about practice opportunities and information team placement.